RPG PG-7V (Tandem Hollow Charge Heat Shell Type BKJ2)

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  • Description

This rocket (40MM TANDEM HOLLOW-CHARGE HEAT SHELL TYPE BKJ2) is a new type of rocket-assisted high explosive antitank projectile.

It use two hollow charge warheads tandem technique, which ensure that follow-up ammunition(the second charge)can successfully penetrate a block of 180mm/65° homogenous armor after this rocket destroyed the first generation explosive reactive armor (ERA) on the homogenous armor, armor piercing rate is no less than 70%.
It can destroy tanks (including those with ERA) and other armored vehicles, and also attack self-propelled guns and reinforced concrete walls, etc. It is an easily carried and operated individual anti-tank rocket.
Suitable weapon: 40mm rocket launcher type RPG-7, 69, 69-1 and 40mm foldable rocket launcher type 2004
Caliber: 40mm
Diameter of shell: 96mm
Length of shell: 1080mm
Weight of shell: 3kg
Muzzle velocity: >= 105m/s
Armor penetration power penetrate a block of 180mm/65° homogenous armor beyond one layer of the first generation ERA
Armor piercing rate >= 70%
Effective range: 300m
Consistency of standing target at 300m: 0.45m x 0.45m
Operational temperature range -40℃ ~ +55℃
Effective storage period 10 years Packing