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The CTG – ME is pyrotechnic product intended for temporally incapacitating of unprotected crowd on open space. Fired to a target these rounds rapidly produce contaminated atmosphere infecting temporary incapacitation of rioters. Noise and candela levels cause disorientation in any persons within the effective range.

Height: 123 ± 1 mm
Diameter: 38 mm
Mass: 205 ± 10g
Chemical weight: 50 ± 5g
Active agent: CS
Active agent mass: 25%
Compatibility: Anti Riot Gun 37/38 mm
Range: 80-120 m
Smoke emission time: 20 – 30s
Sound intensity: 90-120dB
Flash intensity: thunder and blinding light
Self life: 5 year
Packaging: Carton box
Quantity per package, pcs: 80 Dimension of the box, mm: 520x400x165
Total package weight, kg: 17,9