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The Berserk robotic weapon system is a promising direction for the development of unmanned ground combat vehicles. The complex is designed for optical reconnaissance, covering fire of assault units and the defense of important stationary objects and air defense positions.

The Berserk is armed with a twin four-barreled GSHG 7.62 machine gun with a rate of fire of up to 6000 rounds per minute and can hit small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles at a distance of 1000 meters.
Modern optical system installed on the Berserk incorporates a thermal imaging unit and is capable of detecting small-sized drones at a distance of up to 3 km, and helicopters – up to 10 km. The software based on neural network technologies allows the machine to automatically capture the target and identify it by type.
The robotized weapon complex is equipped with a hybrid power unit - a diesel engine and an electric generator.
The stability of the complex when firing is provided by a universal tracked platform that evenly distributes the weight of the machine over the ground surface, thereby eliminating rocking when firing and significantly increasing cross-country ability. «Berserk» confidently moves on all types of soil (sand, gravel, wetlands), overcomes steep ascents and descents.
Thanks to the independent hub drives, the machine is able to move the tracks in different directions and turn around on the spot.
For the transmission of telemetry and high-definition video, the complex is equipped with a powerful noise-proof radio transmitter.
At the same time, the radius of the sustainable drone control is about 1 km in dense urban areas, and over 5 km in open areas. If necessary, the combat control radius can be increased with the help of a repeater mounted on a quadrocopter.
At the request of the customer, «Berserk» can be equipped with any opticalelectronic equipment and weapons.