BOGOMOL Robotic Combat Support System

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Keeping the military personal alive is an unconditional priority of national armed forces of any state. Special means and tactics are used for reduction of losses. However, usually, there are losses, and they are painful for the country. Thus, it is not by chance that armies are increasingly showing interest in using special technical devices - combat robots - instead of people.

All main modules and control systems of combat robots are designed and developed by BSVT-new technologies LLC company that guarantees their uniqueness.
It is invisible in thermal range. In combat mode, Bogomol operates only from batteries, which allows it to be “cold” as well as practically silent when moving.
Low visibility. It is achieved due to small dimensions, hybrid engine, as well as special body coatings.
Excellent off-road ability. The use of a tracked chassis, along with a relatively low weight, gives Bogomol excellent maneuverability due to the low specific pressure on the ground Remote control. The system is controlled over a secure radio channel with a patented technology of counter electronic warfare.
Target recognition system. The system uses an optoelectronic complex STRIZH M-2, which allows it to determine target type, plot its coordinates and velocity vector.

It is designed for:

• reconnaissance and patrolling;
• active combat operations in urban environments and cross-country terrain;
• single and group modes use.

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