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The robotic complex “BARS” is a reconnaissance-command vehicle designed for passive reconnaissance and combat robots control.

The workplaces of the complex operators are equipped with an automated monitoring and control system “Alliance.Bars”, which creates a real-time phono-target situation on an area digital map, and communicates with higher-level and interacting command posts.

The interaction of the complexes is based on the MESH topology, which transfers control of combat robots among reconnaissance-command vehicles to concentrate the efforts of operators on the most important direction.

Wired and wireless communication lines support (Ethernet, Optical SFP, xDSL, RS- 232/422/485, VHF, HF, Wi-Fi) allows the complex to be easily integrated into existing automated control systems of any level (for example, mobile unified battery command station “Ranzhir-M”, “Polyana-RB” and others) for the exchange of data on the air situation in 24/7 mode, thereby preserving the service life of the reconnaissance equipment of air defense system.

The complex creates a protected perimeter in the shortest possible time, providing the possibility of covering not only stationary, but also mobile objects, due to the mobility of combat robots

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