STRELA-10 (9A34 (9A35) ADMS

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The modernization of air-defense missile system 9K35 Strela-10 (ADMS) provides expanding the capabilities of combat use and increasing the survivability of the airdefense missile system.

To this end, the system is equipped with modern reconnaissance means – day and night passive optical-electronic station “Strizh-M2”, which is capable of detecting and tracking targets from a distance of 20 km, automatically calculating the target’s position relative to the launch zone of the air defense missile system and warning the combat vehicle about target engagement zone.
In addition, a forced turn of the launcher is ensured to the point where the target appears to be able to execute firing on a follow-up course.
The combat vehicle is adapted for combating small-sized air targets, including unmanned aerial vehicles and for firing, among other things, modernized air-to-air guided missiles (with three versions of the homing heads: infrared, thermal imaging and laser) R-60BM, which are able to hit targets of 30x30 cm size.

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