R-60 BM Aircraft Guided Missiles

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Modernized guided missile R-60 BM (MALANKA)

The upgrading of the R-60 BM guided missile to the R-60 BML and R-60 BMT MALANKA levels implies improving the combat capabilities of the missile by replacing the infrared homing head with a thermal imaging homing head with increased targeting angles, installing a semi-active laser homing head, and also increasing the fuse resistance to electronic interference and the use of a more advanced automatic flight control system.

The new dual-band homing head increases the missile’s capabilities for the effective destruction of small-size aircrafts, as well as low-contrast in the thermal range light-armored ground targets.

The missile upgrading preserves the structural, technological and aeroballistics characteristics as much as possible.

The MALANKA missile can be installed both on standard aviation launchers and placed in transport and launch containers when used on anti-aircraft missile systems