T-55 Tank Modernization

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BRM–1K Tank Modernization

PUMA DRIVER-4B The device is designed for round-the-clock observation of the terrain while driving a combat vehicle (BTR-70, BTR-80, Т-72). It replaces standard devices, such as TNPO-115, TVNE-4B.

TKN-N optical-electronic system TKN-2T is designed to monitor by the tank commander (T-54, T-55, T-10) the area and tanks of its division, to search targets and for target designation for the gunner during combat operations in day and night conditions.

SERVAL 1-49-23 the sight is designed for viewing the field of combat in any weather conditions for the pur-poses of surveillance, detection and classification of stationary and movable targets, for aiming and spewing shells from 125 mm D-81 tank cannon and its coaxial machine gun during a daytime and at night, from a halt and on the move. The sight may be mounted on tanks during a replacement of TPN1-49-23 regular night vision sight.

Puma Driver-Sofia:

• Provides round-the-clock «in combat» driving
• Improves visibility to the driver
• Helps the commander to monitor traffic and situation


• Helps to lay the routes
• Display of destination points
• Effective without gps signal


• General geographic information space
• Action planning
• Hardware Integration